JerichoAV History

Our History

Jericho Audio Visual, LLC was born out of a need growing in small to medium sized churches to have someone knowledgeable join with them and service their audio, video and lighting needs. Dwayne Burke has been on tour in the Christian music industry designing, renting and engineering live sound systems since the early 80’s. He also spent 12 years serving as Worship Leader in a local church. Over the years, friends in different churches would call Dwayne with questions regarding sound, video, or lighting challenges they were having. Some issues were equipment problems, but a large percentage was just issues with settings, EQ’s, and lack of training for their volunteer tech team. After a number of rescues it became evident many churches were sold a system installation that either didn’t meet their needs and/or by a company that just installed the system and faded into the night without being available to service and support them on an ongoing basis. In 2012 Jericho A/V was formed to fill this need by offering full installation services as well as great pricing on pro A/V gear.

Our Present

In 2013 Dwayne was joined in the business by Logan, his son. Graduating from North Carolina State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering, Logan became a valuable addition in many areas. As co-owner and consulting engineer, Logan continues to be a great resource. In January of 2019, Mike Wilson joined our team in a full-time capacity.  Mike brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the A/V world. Over the years, our rental and installation divisions have grown primarily through “word of mouth”. Jericho A/V now services many clients across the Southeast, not only in the HOW market, but Education and Business as well!  We strive to provide our clients with equipment and systems which not only meet your needs, but also gives you the best A/V experience possble. More importantly, we then partner with the tech team to be a continuing source of training and support.

Our Future

Over the years, we have become an authorized dealer for many of the top brands in the pro audio, video and lighting industry.  Whether you are looking to purchase a single piece of gear or are in need a full system installation, we are able to give you more value for your investment!  As our team (and client list) grows, we continue to develop new ways to add worth to that relationship. We look forward to unveiling some of these soon!