Design, Builds

We have developed one of the best design, build and implementation teams in the world to partner with worship teams and their partners who are growing and expanding. At JerichoAV one of the ways we have distinguished ourselves within the industry is by utilizing our “hands on” design method. We begin the process by completing on-site interviews with the ministers and staff before developing a design.


JerichoAV specializes in bringing your ideas to reality with the installation and support of high-quality and affordable custom audio, video, lighting, broadcast and control systems for worship facilities.


Our solutions include complete A/V/L systems for new facilities, upgrades for churches that are remodeling or expanding, and even the integration of a single product into an existing system


Our devoted team has over 80 years of combined experience with multiple approaches to the A/V/L industry. We find people that exhibit not only knowledge in the field but remarkable work ethics, and devotion to seeing the ministry move forward.


We will develop a design/build master plan with a strategic number of distinct phases in order to achieve your desired result all while maintaining necessary budget goals.

Our design and engineering department at JerichoAV has many years of experience in new construction and in the re-mastering of an existing structure to attain the near perfect presentation of acoustics, voice, music and video.